Pump Seminars Draw Over 100 Attendees at First Utility District of Knox County Event Center

The First Utility District of Knox County hosted two pump seminars, February 14-15, 2023 for operators and engineers, taught by Jimmy Murphy, Gorman Rupp (Regional Sales Manager), Casey Bowman, and Hayden Chappel. The seminars drew in over 100 attendees over the two days, highlighting the strong interest in and demand for pump-related knowledge and skills in the community.

The seminars covered a range of topics related to pump operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and optimization, with a particular focus on practical applications and real-world examples. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and interact with their peers, sharing insights and best practices from their own work experiences.

Jimmy Murphy, who serves as the Regional Sales Manager for Gorman-Rupp Pumps, shared his extensive expertise in pump selection, performance, and reliability. Presenters also include Casey Bowman and Hayden Chappel, sales/field engineers from Southern Sales Company, a division of Tencarva Machinery Company. Casey, an experienced field engineer, provided valuable insights on pump installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Hayden provided insights on pump system design considerations, hydraulics and controls.

The organizers of the seminars were pleased with the turnout and the positive feedback received from the attendees. “We are thrilled to see such a strong interest in pump knowledge and skills among our operators and engineers,” said a spokesperson for the First Utility District of Knox County. “It’s important for these operators to understand pump design and operation. It will help them make better decisions in conversations with engineers, and understand what they are working with in the field.”

The success of the pump seminars at the First Utility District Event Center demonstrates the importance of ongoing education and training for professionals in the water and wastewater industry. By staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, best practices, and regulatory requirements, operators and engineers can help ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable delivery of clean water and effective wastewater treatment to their communities.