360 Water - Online, Interactive Operations & Maintenance Training  
ABS Pumps - Wet Pit and Dry Pit Submersible Sewage Pumps; HST Turbo Blowers; Submersible Aerators and Mixers
Amiad Filtration Systems - automatic self-cleaning filters and manual filters.  
Anue Environmental - Wet well cleaning systems and odor control systems
Badger Meter
Badger Meter - Magnetic Flow Meters  
C2I Control Instruments, Inc.
C2I Control Instruments, Inc. - SCADA, Controls and Systems Integration
Cambi - Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-Treatment Systems  
Crane Pumps
Crane Pumps - Barnes non-clog submersible pumps and low pressure sewer systems; Crown, Deming, Prosser, Burks and Weinman Pumps
Centrisys - High performance sludge thickening and dewatering centrifuge systems  
Eastech Flow Control - Ultrasonic Flow Metering Equipment
Aerators - Surface Aeration and Mixers and Diffused Aeration  
DAVCO - Sludge Dryers, Field Erect Wastewater Treatment Systems and Tertiary Filtration Systems
Dewatering Systems - Belt Filter Press, Gravity Belt Thickener, Rotary Drum Thickener  
Envirex - Aeration Systems; Orbal, VLR and Smart BNR Biological Treatment; Tow-Bro Circular Clarifiers; Rectangular Sludge Collectors; Digestion; Sludge Treatment Equipment; CoMag and BioMag Treatment Systems
RJ Environmental - Lo/Pro® scrubber systems, ZABOCS odor control & packed tower adsorption systems  
TWS - Traveling raw water intake screens for municipal drinking water sites
Federal Pumps
Federal Pumps- Sewage, Sump, and Condensate Pumps and Package Systems  
Filtronics- Electromedia Filtration Systems and Pressure Filter Systems
GE Zenon
GE - ZeeWeed Membrane Filtration for Water and Wastewater  
Gorman Rupp
Gorman Rupp - Self-Priming and Submersible Non-Clog Sewage & Sludge Pumps and Package Sewage & Water Booster Pump Stations 
Hendrick Screen
Hendrick Screen - Stainless Steel Static Intake Screens with Air Burst Option  
Hydro-Dyne Engineering - Water and Wastewater Screening Equipment and Grit Removal Systems
JPS Industries
JPS Industries - Baffle Curtains  
Limitorque/Flowserve - Limitorque modify the description to read "Limitorque Electric Motor Operators for open / close and modulating valve and gate service
Lightnin - Vertical Mixers and Flocculators   
Meunier - Grit Removal and Mechanical Screening Systems for Wastewater and CSO Stormwater Management
Meurer Research - Plate Settlers, backwash reclaim, hoseless sludge collectors. Mixers and tube settlers  
National Pump
National Pump - Vertical, Horizontal and Submersible Turbine Pumps

Patterson Pumps - Flo-Pak Pre-Engineered Packaged Water Booster Pumping Systems; Horizontal Split Case, Vertical Inline and End Suction Pumps; Non-Clog Sewage Pumps

Henry Pratt - AWWA Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves, Ball Valves, Actuation, Dismantling Joints, Sleeve Valves, and Check Valves
Precision Systems - Standby Power Systems and Wet Well Aeration Systems  
Prime Solution
Prime Solution - Sludge handling & dewatering equipment including rotary fan press
Rodney Hunt | Fontaine - Cast Iron, Fabricated Steel and Aluminum Sluice & Slide Gates  
Schreiber - CSR Counter Current Aeration, Helical Scraper Clarifiers, Screw Pumps, Grit & Grease Removal Systems, Mechanical Bar Screens and Fuzzy Filter Compressed Media Filtration
Seepex, Inc.
Seepex, Inc. - Progressing Cavity Pumps  
Schwing Bioset - Biosolids Treatment Systems, Piston Sludge Pumps and Screw Dewatering Presses
Shelter Works
Shelter Works - Modular buildings, engineered shelters and fiberglass enclosures  
Trojan Tech
Trojan Technologies - Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems for Wastewater and Drinking Water & Destruction of Environmental Contaminants and Salsnes Filter  
U.S. Composite Pipe
U.S. Composite Pipe - Corrosion Resistant Polymer Concrete Wet Wells and Manholes
WSG & Solutions -Link Belt and Rex municipal and industrial wastewater screening and grit removal products and CSO technology  
Wyatt Engineering- Venturi Flow Meters
Xylem - CAWS Vertical Turbine Pump  





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